Bitcoin Cash Has an Unlikely New Supporter
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Bitcoin Cash Has an Unlikely New Supporter

Kim Dotcom says he is officially joining the BCH community — rejecting XRP and BSV in the process.

Bitcoin Cash Has an Unlikely New Supporter

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Kim Dotcom — who famously founded the doomed hosting service MegaUpload — has announced that he is “officially” joining the Bitcoin Cash community.

The controversial entrepreneur, who now lives in New Zealand, declared that he wants to make BCH “the leading electronic cash solution in the world.” Dotcom plans to accelerate the altcoin by ensuring it’s embraced by a greater number of consumers and merchants.

Dotcom’s announcement was retweeted hundreds of times. When asked by one of his followers why he had decided to embrace BCH, Dotcom replied:

“Because it works. Low fees, fast transactions, easy to use and secure. I looked at all cryptos to use for my upcoming new innovation and Bitcoin Cash ticked all the boxes.”

He also defended not choosing another altcoin such as XRP, writing: “I read the SEC case against Ripple/XRP. I think Bitcoin Cash is the safer bet.”

And as for Bitcoin SV, he wrote: “Didn’t like the vibe.”

Dotcom remains bogged down in legal trouble over Megaupload, and the FBI says the website enabled copyright infringement to take place on a massive scale — enabling TV shows and movies to be downloaded for free by the public. His lawyers insist that the platform was never designed for this purpose.

In November, New Zealand’s Supreme Court declared that he can be extradited to the U.S. to face copyright charges, and if convicted, he would face a long sentence. However, Dotcom does have the right to appeal — meaning that any extradition proceedings appear to be in limbo for now.

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