BitBoy Crypto Accused of Threatening and Harassing Lawyer
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BitBoy Crypto Accused of Threatening and Harassing Lawyer

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The influencer — whose real name is Ben Armstrong — allegedly bombarded the attorney with "endless phone calls, tweets and emails."

BitBoy Crypto Accused of Threatening and Harassing Lawyer

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Ben Armstrong — better known as the YouTuber BitBoy Crypto — has been accused of threatening and harassing a lawyer involved in a proposed class action lawsuit.

He's among a group of influencers who are being sued amid allegations that they misled investors by promoting FTX's products without revealing that they had been compensated.

But in recent videos, Armstrong has claimed this is defamatory — and said that he had never had any dealings with Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto empire.

A judge has now been told that BitBoy Crypto made "endless phone calls, tweets and emails" to Adam Moskowitz, who is representing one of the plaintiffs in this case. The filing says:

"Armstrong has made numerous calls and emails to counsel's office, at times making up to 21 calls within a 45-minute period. Armstrong also left voicemails that specifically target [Moskowitz]. The voicemails are not only full of vulgarities, but they also include warnings to Mr. Moskowitz: 'We're going to have First Amendment protesters around your house 24/7 day and night.'"

The filing also alleges that BitBoy Crypto suggested that Moskowitz's home address is now being circulated on Reddit. And in another email that the influencer allegedly sent to the lawyer on March 16, he wrote:

"Hey motherf*****. Guess you do know who I am bitch. You are such an unbelievably dumb motherf***** that you are leading a lawsuit against me when I never even promoted FTX. Expect a counter suit bitch."

In a statement to Law360, Moskowitz said:

"People warned us that going after these internet promoters might be risky, but [plaintiff David Nicol] and I both agreed that our team could not be intimidated."

BitBoy Crypto appeared unrepentant on Twitter late on Monday night, and responded directly to the court filing that accused him of harassing lawyers. He wrote:

"Adam Moskowitz and his law team have filed a document saying I’m threatening them lmao. It’s not a threat. It’s a promise bud. I’m coming for your license sir. Relentlessly. You made a big mistake. And you will pay for it."
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