BitBoy Accuses Exchange CEOs of Trying to 'Permanently Ruin' Crypto in Shouty, Sweary Rant
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BitBoy Accuses Exchange CEOs of Trying to 'Permanently Ruin' Crypto in Shouty, Sweary Rant

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The YouTuber was furious after a tweet by Bankless co-founder Ryan Sean Adams.

BitBoy Accuses Exchange CEOs of Trying to 'Permanently Ruin' Crypto in Shouty, Sweary Rant

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Bear markets are for building, they say. It also appears they're for blazing rows.

Earlier this week, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried had shared his current thoughts on crypto regulation — and said oversight was necessary for customer protection.

Ben Armstrong, whose real name is BitBoy Crypto, subsequently weighed in — and alleged:

​​"Big words coming from someone who literally used VC money to pump up Solana. People see through you. You are a liar and you know it."

This drew a rather confused response from SBF, who said Solana had nothing to do with what he was tweeting about — especially considering he isn't involved in that project.

Bankless co-founder Ryan Sean Adams then entered the chat, and wrote:

"Please dear lord and any lawmakers or adults reading this tweet just know BitBoy doesn’t represent us either."

He urged lawmakers to talk to experts like Coin Center or the Blockchain Association instead.

BitBoy Crypto ended up talking about this tweet on one of his livestreams — and began by saying he didn't know "who the F" Adams was because he "wasn't important."

"You know what, we are tired of people who look like this guy trying to run stuff."

And shouting into the microphone, he ranted:

"I'm the one out here putting the work in behind the scenes trying to save crypto while these devils — Sam Bankman-Fried, Brian Armstrong — they're trying to permanently ruin it. This is not about money for me. I hope you guys understand this. I'm here fighting for you. This guy, with his fricking glasses on, this douchebag, is out here trying to tell you that only the suits know what to do."

Ryan Sean Adams shared a clip of BitBoy's outburst on Twitter — and said:

"Today the Alex Jones of crypto went on a coke-fueled tirade about my glasses. How's your day going?"

Adams went on to invite BitBoy onto a Bankless show, mischievously writing:

"Hoping you'll waive your customary $40,000 fee."

This isn't the first time that BitBoy Crypto has caused a splash.

In a video published last November, a rival YouTuber called Atozy had repeatedly called BitBoy Crypto a "dirtbag" — and claimed that he "milks his audience for a quick buck rather than giving them genuine advice."

BitBoy launched a defamation lawsuit, but it was later dropped after sparking a backlash among crypto enthusiasts.

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