Launching Midjourney x Decimal NFT

Launching Midjourney x Decimal NFT

1yr ago

Launching Midjourney x Decimal NFT
📈 Hey team!

Decimal, last month, announced the Midjourney artificial intelligence integration project:, and today they announced the launch of @midjourneyfreebot. Thanks to it, you can generate any image your imagination can conjure up. It's free, no registration and no sms .In addition, the Decimal team answered the question in detail with an example of bot creation: how to make DEL applicable?

⚡️ During the development of the bot, the following events occurred:

🔸Midjourney closed the free test generation for users, and this greatly increased the bot's relevance; 🔸Implemented most of the project: user registration, group subscription check, taught to understand queries in different languages, made language selection, linked telegram and dicsord bots, optimized queries;
🔸 We did closed testing.

🚀 We are happy to announce that the bot @midjourneyfreebot is fully ready to use. Over 1000 users have used it in the first few hours and that's a great result. Given that Midjourney is no longer free, many users have found this project useful.

The team at Decimal continues to work on developing this project, and we hope that it will become even more popular and the relevance, among users, will only increase.

Also, we are looking forward to adding new NFT collections to the marketplace. We'll keep you informed and stay tuned!
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