SKALE Metaport Has Landed!

SKALE Metaport Has Landed!

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Metaport has landed! But what exactly is Metaport? Let's take a deep dive into this new user-friendly token transfer widget on the #SKALE CMC Community!

SKALE Metaport Has Landed!
In order to bring Web3 to millions and eventually billions of people, developers will have to create applications that are not only compelling but designed with usability and fast simple onboarding. SKALE has long understood that mass adoption requires the ability to marry the friendly UX of Web2 with the power of blockchain and decentralization. To that end, SKALE is excited to announce the availability of the SKALE Metaport!
SKALE Metaport was created as a super fast, simple way for users to use the chain-to-chain bridging capabilities of the SKALE Network. Dapp users have a fast and simple way to move tokens of all sorts (ERC20, 721, and 1155) between SKALE Chains and between the Ethereum mainnet.  This is all done using an interface that takes users through the process of moving their tokens and NFTs between chains in a few easy steps.

Developers get a well-designed UI layer that helps them interface with the API layers so that they can integrate this user-friendly experience into their Dapps. They can configure it to match their user interface and specify which chains are available and what tokens can be transferred. This is all done at incredibly fast speeds, taking 18 seconds or less, and if the transfer is between SKALE chains, it’s always gas free.

One example of how the Metaport will be used is in an on-chain PvP game like CryptoBlades, where players earn $SKILL tokens. In this example, CryptoBlades developers connect their chain to the Europa hub (the premiere liquidity hub on SKALE) and can configure Metaport to allow users to navigate seamlessly in the Dapp interface and transfer a token to Europa. Metaport pops up for users and guides them through the process of transferring that token from the game chain to the Europa chain and then back. What’s most exciting is that the developer can customize this to their game's needs by specifying the token or allowing the user to perform any actions on any tokens they wish.
SKALE Metaport is available for developers today to integrate into their Dapps! Watch the Metaport demo below with core team engineer Dmytro.
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