Transfer Disclosure (1,500,001 WEMIX)

Transfer Disclosure (1,500,001 WEMIX)

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Transfer Disclosure (1,500,001 WEMIX)

Figment, WONDER14 of the 40 Wonders, is starting its node operation through NCP staking. Figment is a DataHub platform that supports blockchain developers develop Web3 projects and multiple blockchain network protocols to more than 60 POS (Proof-of-Stake) projects such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche. In addition to being a validator, Figment will contribute to the development and expansion of the mainnet by providing infrastructure for the WEMIX3.0 ecosystem.

Figment’s staking is loaned by the WEMIX Foundation for the sole purpose of NCP staking for a 5-year lending period and will be returned to the Foundation’s Reserve wallet once the node staking ends. Please see below for more details on the loan transaction, staking, and validating process.

*The lending period is subject to change through early repayment, and a separate announcement will be made when such changes occur.

> WEMIX Transfer Details
#1 [Test Transfer] Circulation wallet (0x116c...8aAe) ▷ Figment NCP wallet (0x7aD5...FCbf)
● Amount : 1 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0xba6715e449e33c2cdaa2670f67ff9295fc92df476045709b1e177e1f2995fd61
#2 [Loan Transfer] Reserve wallet (0xC97c...a2eb) ▷ Figment NCP wallet (0x7aD5...FCbf)
● Amount : 1,500,000 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0x728a4f9a0a5ac3972ea19eed72761bbbdcbad6a354099a5e5be0cd848e600fd7
#3 [Staking] Figment NCP wallet (0x7aD5...FCbf) ▷ Governance contract (0xBEd7...af7F)
● Amount : 1,500,000 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0x7a2bb70c68079722bbbfad87de2a5fb55d443f68db79b652443fbfe667e5948d
#4 [Unstaking] Governance contract (0xBEd7...af7F) ▷ WONDER14 wallet (0x0ED2...4A45)
● Amount : 1,500,000 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0x1f085af2c5932949b7f00680d51bc7b18d070bf3685b9e5e8e716f6710827f3b
#5 [Transfer to Foundation] WONDER14 wallet (0x0ED2...4A45) ▷ Reserve wallet (0xC97c...a2eb)
● Amount : 1,500,000 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0x9440f397885831efbd1381ce251ca95f939dfde1649c9a2bd1c502bd2e7cda32
#6 [Gas fee Transfer] WONDER14 Vote wallet (0x5777...5F2F) ▷ WONDER14 wallet (0x0ED2...4A45)
● Amount : 49.58 WEMIX
● TX Hash : 0x5fc7df34ced954184952aee989fc757eceaadbbda944ae4ee9befdafd22d42d6
* Up to 2 decimal digits are represented and the exact amount can be checked on the WEMIX explorer.
> Summary on WEMIX Transfer
● Amount : 1,500,001 WEMIX
● Purpose : Figment staking and joining NCP node
● Impact on Circulation : There is no change in total circulation due to the process of WEMIX returning back to the reserve wallet (uncirculated). There may be a temporary change due to the staking and unstaking of 1.5m WEMIX for the purpose of NCP node staking

Thank you.

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