The Journey of the Doaibu community

The Journey of the Doaibu community

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Doaibu community

The Journey of the Doaibu community



Many cryptocurrency projects have described themselves as community-oriented, but only a few have really lived up to that description. This reminds us of the popular cliche, “By their works we shall know them”.

In the case of Doaibu, our works have always been so evident and apparent to everyone who has experienced what we are building especially because we have been fair, decentralized, and transparent from the genesis of the Doaibu project to this very moment.

Being community-oriented entails putting the users' interest first and having that as your priority in whatever decision you take and developments you introduce into the project. This is the core background that has guided our team throughout this journey of developing an ecosystem of our own to serve a worldwide community and as well provide a platform for the successful launch of other projects on our ecosystem with the ultimate goal of benefiting you.

How Have We Given Back Our Users?

Our users are at the center of everything we do at Doaibu. Everything we do at Doaibu revolves around our users and that is why it is very pertinent that you understand that without you, there is no Doaibu. With this understanding, we have always gone the extra mile to offer top-notch products and services to our users.

From our products and services, both the ones we have already launched and the ones that are still in the development phase, to our interaction with our users, we have made sure that we have maintained the highest form of policy implementation that benefit our users.

We have launched a highly impressive Ambassadorship Program that beats the usual programs offered by other projects. We have ensured that our ambassadors are properly rewarded with mouthwatering incentives that would compensate for their support and involvement in the Doaibu project. We encourage you to join and actively participate in our Ambassadorship Program to benefit more from what we are building on the Doaibu ecosystem.

One feature of the Doaibu project is the fairness in the distribution and compensation of active participants in our project. This is because we like to appreciate everyone who believes in the Doaibu project.

In addition to the incentives accrued to our ambassadors, we have also given away lots of incentives to our users through airdrops, red packet giveaways, all-expense paid vacations and so much more. This is in line with the description of Doaibu in the FAQs section of our website as follows:

“Doaibu is a community-focused token for a decentralized ecosystem. Doaibu aims to go above and beyond for its community”.

Our community is so valuable to us and we appreciate how much we have grown within the short period we have been operating. Together we will continue to grow and develop an ecosystem that benefits us all as one community.

We will like to reiterate that we will go above and beyond for you and we will do this through the development and launching of products and services that are all geared towards increasing your benefits in the Doaibu project as well as in the incentives that we share with our active users.

We are definitely not like the other projects and that is why we have resolved to remain transparent all the way.


We still have a very long way to go and we are very happy to have you walk this walk with us. We will continue to support and give back to our active users. We are all in this together building, supporting, and growing to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

Join the Doaibu community to participate and contribute to what we are building today — join the party and don't be late.

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