Duckerberg's Diary: Day 125 [6 November 2022]

Duckerberg's Diary: Day 125 [6 November 2022]

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Duckerberg's Diary: Day 125 [6 November 2022]
GM, Duckers.
GM, dear people from the future.
I’m Mark Duckerberg, and this is my entry #18 on this journal.
Wow, what a ducking great week! Since mid-October, things were starting to move for Duckereum, and the momentum has clearly been confirmed, and even accentuated, in the last few days. For the first time in almost 3 months, Ducker has passed $2 million in marketcap. Is this due to Tony’s fantastic Twitter thread? Or is it the Moby army that’s brewing? Or is it simply that Ducker was very undervalued, that the snowball effect on sales over the last few weeks has stopped, that the crypto-sphere is noticing that the team hasn’t given up? Let’s see!

The winner of the fourteenth meme competition

Congratulations to BattleCat, a community Quacker, who wins the fourteenth meme contest, and the amazing prize of 75,000 duckers

This is most likely the largest prize in the history, past or future, of Duckereum, as the maximum prize was 25,000 duckers. BattleCat is a very active member of the community, and I am delighted that he won this contest. Following his win, he wrote a very warm message on the Telegram group, which made us all very happy. Check it out:

Now that I have all that excitement out of the way, I will get a little serious. I want to honestly say a huge thank you. A thank you to the devs who create such an opportunity. A thank you to all the Duckers. I am a true believer in Ducker and know it’s full potential. This opportunity has just changed my future. It is not just my own life that it will change but also that of my family. For this I am grateful 🙏. Just like the project, I will be here for a very long time. Create a meme, it can change your life!! Happy Friday!! Let’s Ducking Go!!

Ducker takes off

I don’t think there are any other words. On November 2, Ducker was trading at over 2 cents. That’s almost 7x higher than the low we were at just a few weeks ago...

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