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Власно звітована циркуляційна пропозиція
1,000,000,000,001 FSHN
Загальна пропозиція
1,000,000,000,001 FSHN
Макс. постачання
1,000,000,000,001 FSHN
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Fashion Coin (FSHN) is a Proof-of-Love Metaverse cryptocurrency.

Fashion Coin uses Proof-of-Love custom blockchain and consensus algorithm. Because of its high speed - 15 000 T/S and NO GAS approach Fashion Coin helps creative communities to monetize their content and social and creative capital, to buy land, and to build their own Metaverse on their own website.

Users can easily create their own coins in form of NFT/Cash Everyone can build their own Crypto name, NFT-password, their own avatar. The coin has been minted in March 2019 by ANNA K and her team for the Fashion Industry and GEN Z. As fashion is a very important class of NFTs in the Metaverse, creators use Fashion Coin to sell 3D clothes, looks, and style on the Metamarket!