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Polkacover has rebranded to CoverCompared. Please find the announcement [here] (
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Циркуляційна пропозиція
110,036,876 CVR
Загальна пропозиція
137,865,569 CVR
Макс. постачання
137,865,569 CVR
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Polkacover has rebranded to CoverCompared. Please find the announcement [here] (

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Founded in late 2019, Polkacover is working towards creating the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly insurance purchase & policy issuance marketplace with the aim to be the one stop-shop for crypto & personal insurance need..

At Polkacover, we will connect users & multi-national insurance providers with all global insurance products such as crypto related protection, health, life, education & family insurance plans to start with and would be working towards adding more products in the longer run. The platform would providing several tokenized incentives making upto 40% cheaper than any traditional insurance channel.

We are developing a frictionless insurance marketplace experience that incorporates next generation blockchain technology based on Web 3.0 framework on Polkadot using sbstrate providing tokenized incentives. By building a state-of-the-art user experience and several cryptocurrency and traditional payment options alongside benefits tied to our proprietary cryptocurrency , our users know they are purchasing through a platform of the future with transparent pricing