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Ринкова Капіталізація: $1,105,938,168,896.53
Обс 24г: $26,188,646,652
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Про BitANT

BitANT is a MEME platform token of the BitBTC Protocol project.10 billion BitANT have been minted at genesis,but the team does not own any tokens, all tokens are distributed to the community:80%,liquidity is locked in DEX for 8 years, can't be unlocked before 2029 ;15%,community airdrops; 5%,community mining.

The project adhere to the DAO concept. BitANT holders have the governance rights of BitBTC Protocol. In order to facilitate this, BitANT holders can submit a governance proposal and vote on major decisions of BitBTC Protocol.

The BitBTC Protocol is to solve the problems of high price of BTC and slow transfer speed, the BitBTC Protocol propose a solution to split BTC into BitBTC on the Ethereum through smart contracts, that is,1BTC = 1 million BitBTC.BitBTC has faster transfer speed, lower transfer fees, more suitable for micropayment, more energy saving and more convenient participation in DeFi. BitBTC make BTC simpler to buy everything.All exchange fees between BTC and BitBTC are used to repurchase and burn BitANT.