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Acerca de AsMatch

AsMatch stands as the People’s SocialFi, challenging traditional models by prioritizing and rewarding the average user. Our mission is to democratize social interaction, valuing each user's interactions fairly and generously. AsMatch is the first Social L3 on Manta Network to leverage Polygon CDK and Celestia DA.

Available to download on both Google Play and App Store, we offer a seamless, intuitive experience to both Web3 and Web2 users. AsMatch is of the people, by the people, and for the people. We stand up for the average user, giving each of your interactions value and reward. Match, chat, & trade securely with Web3 users that share your interests, whilst you earn ASM tokens in the process.

AsMatch Core Features:

Complete Decentralization Experience our fully decentralized messaging system for secure, private communications. With account abstraction, deposit, trade, and earn ASM tokens securely and effortlessly.

Match Authentically, Connect Securely Match based on genuine shared interests and location. Complete zkKYC by bonding Manta Network's zkBAB and zkGalxe, and bond zkCertificates (powered by POMP) to privately verify your token/NFT ownership. Your matches are influenced by your true digital identity, without compromising privacy.

Level Up Your zkPortrait & Unlock ASM Elevate your profile by minting and bonding the zkPortrait, our unique AIGC zkSBT on Manta Pacific that doubles as your DID. Level up, unlock more ASM, and enrich your Match to Earn experience.

Key Matching - The Super Like of Web3 Buy keys to instantly match & chat. Earn trading fee rebates and points which lead to significant ASM airdrop rewards. Your interaction has value and should be rewarded.

ASM token was launched on December 19 2023, for details pls refer to