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AGAIN PROJECT - Make a gain with Again

The Loyalty Reward Program Industry Loyalty Reward programs are sponsored by retailers or businesses where they offer rewards in the form of Points as a way to attract and retain customers.

How Loyalty Reward Programs are Beneficial - Customer Retention | Increase Customer LifeTime Value | Attracts New Customers | Win Win Situation for Buyer & Seller | Creates Brand Advocates | Improved Customer Engagement | Improves Customer Experience

The Problem Most of the Loyalty Reward Program that are used by the Business are Traditional Loyalty The majority of Loyalty Reward Programs that businesses use are Traditional Loyalty Reward Programs. Each of them utilises a Traditional Loyalty Reward Program with a slight variation.

Traditional Loyalty Reward Program - A traditional loyalty reward program is one in which customers are rewarded with points based on their purchases.

Problems with Traditional Loyalty Reward Program * Low Value Rewards * Company Controls Reward Value * Reward Expiry * Lack of Flexibility and Acceptance * Points Cannot be encashed

Solution - A Hybrid Ecosystem Solution After a year of research and development, and with the assistance of Blockchain Technology, we developed a Hybrid Ecosystem Solution that not only addresses all of the issues, but also creates a Complete Loyalty Reward Program that can be implemented in almost any business worldwide.

The Hybrid Ecosystem Consists of 3 Major Elements. 1. Again Coin 2. Financial System 3. Projects

Again Coin - Again Coin is a Blockchain-based Loyalty Reward Coin capable of payment. Each time a purchase is made with Again Token, the user will receive 5% back in Again Token.

Financial System - It is a Wallet, An Exchange and Payment Processor for Again coin. Where you can Buy and Sell Again Token in 7+ Major Crypto Currencies.

Projects - Projects are Business that accepts Again coins as one of their primary or secondary payment methods.