Trade and earn on Only1 Marketplace

A place where all the trade happens in only1 - Creators and users can sell/trade their Genesis-NFTs, Content-NFTs, INO NFTs, and other NFTs on our marketplace with our native token $LIKE. Learn more about the benefits of it and how you can use it in the video!

Only1 Marketplace 

The Only1 marketplace is where users can buy and trade Genesis NFTs, Content NFT, The Ones’s NFT collection and more ,it will consist of several different features that sets it apart from other NFT marketplaces.

Genesis NFT Minting & trade

  • Each creators passed KYC will be minted with A Genesis NFT 
  • Creators will then be able to mint their own Content NFTs for their fans and receive $LIKE, or native token, as a reward for engagement
  • Fans will have the ability to stake $LIKE on their favorite influencers profile
  • Fans can buy and own a creator’s genesis NFTs, the Genesis NFT Owner and the creator will both earn a split of the staking rewards from the Total Value Locked 

Fans Bid with $LIKE

  • Fans can utilize $LIKE, or native platform token, to bid for a Star NFTs on the Only1 Marketplace

Creator Post Content

  • Creators have the ability to post exclusive content in form of an NFT
  • Fans bid on Only1 marketplace for NFT using the $LIKE Token
  • When an NFT is purchased portion of the $LIKE tokens are burned

Creator and Community Earns

  • Tx split between NFT owner and creator