How To Stake ROSE and Participate in the Oasis Network

Stake ROSE tokens and earn rewards for participating in the Oasis Network!

Here’s how to do it.  

First, go to The Wallet Page and click on ‘Create Wallet’ to gain access to your personal ROSE wallet. Then fund your wallet with ROSE tokens by sending your tokens to your public wallet address.

Next, click on ‘Stake’ to enter the staking section of the wallet. Select a network validator to stake your tokens with, input the amount of ROSE you’d like to stake, and click on ‘Delegate’. 

Now your staked ROSE tokens could have up to 12% APY for as long as you keep them locked in the network.

DeFi is now live on Oasis!

The YuzuSwap DEX, built by community developers, allows users to participate in liquidity pools, swap, trade, and earn rewards with high APY, while the Wormhole bridge allows to migrate assets between Oasis and some of the largest layer-1 blockchains. Head to yuzu-swap.com to learn more.

Developers interested in building on the Oasis protocol, can apply to the $200 million Ecosystem Fund or to the various accelerators running.

Visit The Oasis Website to learn more!

Oasis is accelerating the future of DeFi and you can be a part of it.