Everything you can do with DeFiChain

DeFiChain offers you the chance to set up a diversified investment portfolio in the palm of your hand, combined with the flexibility and benefits of decentralization. The blockchain offers Liquidity Mining, Staking, decentralized stocks and decentralized loans. You can buy dTokens that mimic the prices of real-world stocks and ETFs like dTSLA or dAAPL. DeFiChain even supports future & option contracts, fully decentralized!

A diversified portfolio consists of stocks, commodities and other things to make it crisis-proof. That’s a lot for the average investor to take care of. You need multiple brokers to get everything sorted. 

With DeFiChain, you can do all of that in one app. How? DeFiChain’s decentralized assets can replicate almost every asset class and the amount of available dTokens is constantly increasing. If you are an experienced trader, you can create short- and long positions to benefit from price movements on either side.

On DeFiChain you can invest in not only dTokens but also in other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. On top of that, you can make them work for you. How? By doing staking and liquidity mining! On DeFiChain, staking and liquidity mining is just a click away. 

It gets even better: DeFiChain isn’t bound to any regional constraints and requires no minimum investment. You can invest from wherever you’d like and how much you’d want.

Decentralized loans

What if you want to keep your cryptocurrencies but also need money for investment? DeFiChain’s loan feature offers you exactly that. You can become your own lender and take out a loan based on the assets you have on-chain. With DeFiChain you are not just HODLing your assets; you go beyond HODLing… and the best thing is you can do all of that in the palm of your hand.

DeFi Meta Chain (DMC)

To prepare for a truly multi-chain and interoperable future, DeFiChain has developed the DeFi Meta Chain, an EVM compatible blockchain in parallel with the native chain. It will not only make DeFiChain EVM compatible but also offer “full Web3 compatibility,” allowing developers to build dApps that retain the unmatched security of Bitcoin while tapping into the massive user base and assets of Ethereum and other ecosystems. The best of both worlds!

DMC is Turing-complete and fully EVM compatible whilst giving developers full access to the native DeFiChain. Building dApps, Smart Contracts, etc. is now possible without limitations.