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July Community AMA Recap with BinaryX: Q&A, Rh!noX Whitepaper, IGO, CyberChess & DAOs

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Feature Explorer / GameFi / NFTs

July Community AMA Recap with BinaryX: Q&A, Rh!noX Whitepaper, IGO, CyberChess & DAOs


By BinaryX

6 months ago
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July Community AMA Recap with BinaryX: Q&A, Rh!noX Whitepaper, IGO, CyberChess & DAOs

To actively hear from the community, BinaryX held an AMA session once a month. The long-awaited open AMA session for BinaryX took place in July, with the public participating and asking us specific questions across the theme of the month. In this month’s presentation, our Business Operations Director CP and Community Manager Olivia of BinaryX will discuss the Rh!noX Whitepaper, CyberChess, SHIT IGO, and DAOs.

If you missed the opportunity to attend this illuminating session, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. You can review everything that transpired during the session with this AMA RECAP.

Section 1: Twitter’s 5 Q&A from Community on IGO and BinaryXSection 2: Rh!noX WhitepaperSection 3: CyberChess detailsSection 4: BinaryX’s DAO 2.0Section 5: Open Forum

****AMA Begins****

Section 1:

5 Q&A from the Community

Q1: Will the on-chain game produced by the first IGO project use BNX or GOLD as the base currency? How to take into account the tokens the project already has, and what kind of empowerment/energized network will Rh!noX NFT in the first IGO project?

CP: Well, as IGO’s projects are independently operated by third-party partners, and will not use BNX and Gold as the base currency. On the other hand, BNX will be used as the denomination currency of IGO. While the majority of the BNX that IGO has acquired belongs to the project party, a portion will be burnt as IGO’s fee. Additionally, the Rh!noX project team will interact and work in tandem with the gaming party in an effort to get airdrop rights for NFT.

Q2: Usually with launches, something new will be “launched” into the market. But seeing that the NFT collections and $SHIT token already exist, is there something new to be launched for the @pieceofshit_wtf: IGO?

CP: Yes, as there will be new game’s economic architecture, we will airdrop child-tokens to grant NFT holders privileges. We’ll keep boosting the worth and potential applications of NFTs in the game, giving holders more chances to get their hands on in-game items, gain access to exclusive in-game benefits, and so on. Please look out for our upcoming announcements!

Q3: BNX, I would like to know how you and SHIT cooperated in this project, have you participated in the investment? What is the economic model of the game? If you play games on Binance Chain, will the three generations of SHIT and land nft be placed on Binance simultaneously for sale through blind boxes?

CP: While specific information pertaining to the roadmap and IGO will be disclosed soon. For now, I can only share that we will be establishing a shit points and shitcoin marketplace as part of this cooperation.

Q4: Is CyberChess a totally different game? Or does it have some connections to existing CyberDragon?

CP: CyberChess is a brand-new game! Nevertheless, it will make use of the Cyber-series NFT. We will also set up the use of old cards such that players can utilize old heroes in the game. In order for old heroes NFTs to be transformed into heroes in CyberChess and take part in fights, we will specifically permit the import of old cards for this game…

Q5: Most NFT games only focus on profits, as this is one of the major attractions of NFT games. So,do you focus heavily on the player experience in and out of the games to create a balance for playing and earning because that is the trend the market is tending towards presently?

CP: Our focus is how fun the game will be for paying and non paying users.

We want to strike a better balance between gaming enjoyment and profitability. In the process of the last round of GameFi collapse, we have seen that GameFi projects which only focus on profitability cannot survive for long. Therefore, be it future games, existing games or future IGO cooperation. We will continue to focus more on how much enjoyment each game offers to our players.

Section 2:

Rh!noX Whitepaper

CP: We continue to build our ecosystem as laid out in our whitepaper despite bearish market conditions. These efforts have not gone to waste as $BNX continues to show strong support and our overall BSC on-chain market share grew quarter on quarter.

Firstly, we would like to thank the community for your great support during Rh!noX sale. In the Dutch Auction, which happened in June, all 8000 Rh!noX NFT sold out in less than five hours at 9BNX. Rh!noX has the highest price issued in the history of Binance NFT marketplace.

CP: As you know, Rh!noX is going to be the first-ever Soulbound Token on the BNB chain. The vision and ambition behind this Soulbound Token since day one are tremendous, and it’s planning to realize the full functionality of Web3.0. Our team has spent months perfecting and polishing the vision & roadmap of Rh!noX, and concluded everything in this Whitepaper.

This whitepaper will show you a brand new way to explore Web3.0. You will understand some of the critical features of Rh!noX, and the unlimited possibilities that come with these built-in mechanisms. One of them is the credit rating system that calculates the credit score of a wallet ID based on data such as amounts owned and trading history. Additionally, the built-in multidimensional behavior analysis model that records key history events performed by a wallet address and leads to a better conclusion on an individual’s characteristics, personality, and reliability, without sacrificing the anonymity of Web3.0.

Aside from the project itself, we’ve expanded our team to increase our capacity and match the mission Rh!noX carries. Team Rh!noX has strong faith in the unfulfilled potential of this industry, even in harsh moments like the past few months.

We believe right now is exactly the perfect time to do more strategic work. Rh!noX has been meeting many different project developers and went through deep conversations on how Rh!noX can work as a medium that benefits both project owners and holders. Rh!noX is planning to collaborate with different projects in the near future to efficiently expand its practicality not just within Rh!noX ecosystem but in any possible scene on-chain.

The Rh!noX team is working hard to deliver its mission. With more content, including a new whitepaper, it will be launched very soon! Diving into in-depth explanations on concepts, use cases and more. Please stay tuned!

Section 3:

CyberChess Details

CP: Up next, CyberChess! The team is extremely ecstatic by the overwhelming response and the excitement from everyone! CyberChess is a game that combines our Cyber series theme and the auto chess gameplay. We aim to provide a great gaming experience through great sound and 3D visual effects. We are truly excited for you to watch your favorite characters battle it out.

Cyber​​Chess will be the focus of our new efforts. As previously mentioned, we don’t think it’s going to be sustainable in the long term to rely strictly on the play-to-earn ideology. Therefore, CyberChess offers two main features which are ways to make money and pay for entertainment.

CyberChess is made up of various features and game modes:

1) Sanctum: allows players to obtain heroes and skills, these will be critical components for players to best their opponents in battle.

2) Market: seeks to provide gamers flexibility to buy and sell heroes and skills, so that everyone can settle on a lineup that suits their playing style.

3) Match: Quick battles where players can play for fun and test their lineup

4) Arena: Ranked battles for skilful players to acquire higher ranking

Players begin each game by loading their heroes and skills from the sanctum into a pool, a total of 50 heroes can be loaded at once, with the system filling up the unfilled slots. In Each round players, players will be given a randomized list of available heroes to be purchased. They will also receive a set amount of gold where they can either spend on heroes, refresh available heroes or increase their team size. Players will be needed to strategically position their heroes for maximum efficiency and synergy. Each game will consist of 8 players, with only one that will be crowned the champion. As a team, we can’t wait for you to try the game for yourself!

Section 4: BianryX’s DAO 2.0

Olivia: I will unroll a DAO 2.0 plan. As you all know DAO means decentralized autonomous organization. DAO 2.0 will be an upgrade of the combination of the proposal raising/ voting, current volunteer team, and community campaigns .

Olivia: First, I am going to introduce the benefits and incentives in order to attribute more benefits both in terms of monetization and spirit to the real contributors and holders.

I want to introduce Commemorative NFT (CNFT in short) again. BinaryX CNFT (CNFT in short) will be used as credentials to users’ participation in community building. It’s untransferable. It’s a kind of soul-bound token and like POAP to some extent.

As you have seen, we have used CNFT in lots of community campaigns already. Congratulations to those who already won some!

To begin the credential system, Rh!noX holders and previous community contributors will be airdropped CNFTs as their initial credential boost.

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What can the CNFTs be used for ?

Firstly,Users will be airdropped tokens depending on the CNFT they got for a new period. For example (data not decided): CNFT added in the past month>100, rewards: 1 BNX; 100<CNFT added in the past month <200, rewards: 2 BNX……

Secondly, More CNFTs, more voting power in the off-chain or off-website DAO proposal voting.

How to join BinaryX DAO 2.0?

The workplace for the BinaryX DAO team hasn’t been launched yet, but you can start to apply from NOW ON! We have the following 2 ways to join:

1. Pow (Proof of Work): please fill in this form.

2. PoS (Proof of Stake): Rh!noX holders

Olivia: The above is the DAO 2.0 blueprint. We will soon carry out detailed plans and collaboration workspace. And contact those who applied. Please stay tuned in the community and follow our twitter for future announcement

Section 5: Open Forum

Q1: Before the IGO, did you check the project and the PieceofShit team, did you know the real team behind ?

A1: All projects under the IGO program has gone through a rigorous screening process, which include the project team providing lots of information from Team experience, tokenomics design to vision of game

Q2: At present, the threshold of the two games is really a little high compared with newcomers?

Will the threshold of the third game be lowered appropriately?

A2: We understand your concern, the CyberChess will provide a proper tutorial and ranking system so that players can enjoy the game regardless of their skill level as we learned from past experience.

Q3: What will the devs do with the current Bnx:Gold ratio? It is currently hindering people playing the Cyber games. Thank you!

A3: There may be an adjustment on CyberArena entry fee

Q4: When will the BNXC card drawing happen?

A4: Within a few weeks.

Q5: Plans to increase weekly auction recruitment? or is it through DAO?

A5: We are closely monitoring the new hero auctioning system. We will update on this soon!

Q6: What is ETA for CyberChess beta test?

A6: Expect to be at the end of the month.

Q7: Does holding the NFTs help in the long run, like getting early access to projects and governance maybe? What is the use for long holding the NFTs of your project?

A7: There will be more in-game utility for our NFT over time, for instance CyberChess, you can load your heroes in to enhance your lineup.

**** End of AMA *****

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