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WHAT IS WALKN? WalkN aims to bring people, fitness and crypto together by building a solid platform that rewards people to take care of their fitness. Just login to the WalkN app, start your journey (walk, jog or run) and earn tokens with every step you take! One doesn’t need to have cryptocurrency to use WalkN app but you would need to have WalkN NFTs to earn tokens as you move. WalkN app is geared towards bringing people together through its unique features such as WalkN Elites, WalkN Athletes. One doesn’t need to join any of these clubs in the app if s/he wants to go solo.

The idea of introducing these features is to create social engagement among WalkN app users to boost their morale and to create healthy competition. Ultimately, WalkN is going to take the #M2E to the next level by offering unique in-app features, connecting physical and virtual players, and creating a healthy competition among users! WalkN will strive to build partnerships with physical asset companies in sports and eventually a user can convert their assets through an app from NFT to a physical one, shoes for example.

2.A. GO-TO MARKET STRATEGY We are engaging youtubers, and a team of our 40 KOLs to spread the word about our product. We’re also engaging our launchpad partners to help us further market WalkN App and help us grow our community globally. Post launch on pcs, we’ll go for banner ads on coingecko, CMC and Dextools to get more eyeballs and to attract more users to our platform.

2.B. PRODUCT VIABILITY There are a few M2E projects in the market such as STEPN. We’re obviously similar at the foundation level but we’re bringing unique features which no competitor has - ability to burn NFT to order real pair of sneakers at home, revenue sharing through our badge system, Rent2Own feature.