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1,000,000 VPW
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1,000,000 VPW
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599,000,000 VPW
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Welcome to the VIRTUAL PERADOX RACING WORLD, the ultimate Decentralized blockchain-based car racing game that Allows you to earn native tokens and NFTs while you enjoy the thrill of the race. The Virtual Peradox Racing World Game is, at its core, an ecosystem for players and creators made up of three primary Components: A MARKETPLACE, A GAME, AND THE GAME ITSELF. In the game, players will compete in tournaments for which they will be paid, as well as a race on Tracks all across the metaverse. Players can use the token to compete in tournaments, buy cars, and New skins, and perform mechanical modifications. Players will also be able to build their garage, buy and sell automobiles, rent out garage space, and Auction their assets. Various tracks can be acquired and used to stage tournaments for which you Can sell tickets. The more races that players win, the more rewards they will receive; there will be no Limit to how much money they can earn.

BENEFITS FOR HOLDERS: Players can earn 90% APY if they keep their deposited tokens in the system for at least 30 days, Even if they don’t play, thus it’s a win-win situation because all players, whether they play or not, get Paid for keeping their tokens in the system.