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BGN 345,259
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BGN 253,575,587
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Apr 03, 2024 (a month ago)
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May 13, 2024 (3 days ago)
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За Velar

Velar is a groundbreaking DeFi liquidity protocol that capitalizes on the robustness of Bitcoin through a Layer 2 agnostic approach, initially utilizing the Stacks blockchain and the Clarity smart contract language. As a leader in the Bitcoin DeFi space, Velar is designed to merge the foundational strength of Bitcoin with the dynamic capabilities of decentralized finance.

The platform's development unfolds in four strategic phases, each introducing more sophisticated DeFi solutions that leverage advancements in Bitcoin Sidechains and Layer 2 technologies. The inaugural phase, "Dharma," showcased Velar's potential by unveiling an automated liquidity protocol, complete with Swap, Liquidity Pools, Staking, Farming, and an IDO Launchpad. This phase garnered significant attention, attracting over 150,000 users during its testnet phase.

Velar's next significant milestone is "Artha," which will introduce the world's first perpetual DEX on Bitcoin, providing up to 20X leverage. This innovative feature represents a significant leap forward for the DeFi community, offering leveraged trading opportunities within the secure and reliable framework of Bitcoin. As Velar is built to be Bitcoin Layer 2 agnostic, it promises future compatibility across various Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions.

The introduction of "Artha" is part of Velar's broader vision to seamlessly integrate native Bitcoin liquidity with advanced DeFi services, creating a new paradigm in the financial ecosystem. With robust investment backing and strategic alliances with key Bitcoin Layer 2 solutions, Velar is poised to redefine the intersection of Bitcoin and decentralized finance, offering a versatile platform for the next generation of financial applications.