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100,000,000 $BETS
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100,000,000 $BETS

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Unibets.AI is the first AI Sports Betting Prediction Tool sharing revenue with its holders.

Dive into the Future of Betting: Unibets brings a cutting-edge AI technology, diving deep into massive pools of sports data, historical patterns, and player statistics.

Holders of Unibets ($BETS) tokens, reap the benefits of the platform's success with double revenue sharing (both rewarded in $ETH): - Holders get 1% cut from $BETS trading volume - Share 100% of the Betting Pool's earnings

Revenue sharing is proportional, so the more $BETS you hold, the more $ETH you earn!

Unibets partnered with Saintbot to ensure a secure and reliable deployment and management process for its token $BETS, meaning that: - Anti-rug: meaning liquidity locked, contract renounced and 100% of the token supply in the liquidity pair - No team token - Fair and Stealth Launch - Deployed on Telegram

Unibets has 4 revenue streams scheduled, unfolded as per the Roadmap:

  • Unibets v1 Holders get 1% of total $BETS traded volume as well as the earning of the Betting Pool (live now). Airdropped in $ETH on a weekly basis. The more $BETS you hold, the more $ETH you earn!

  • Telegram Bot (Q4) In partnership with a major Crypto Casino, our Telegram bot will propose a 1-click betting option on daily picks. A 1% fee will be collected on the wager and shared with holders.

  • Subscriptions (Q4) Unibets.ai will propose weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions. 50% of the subscription will be redistributed to $BETS Holders, while 50% will be used by the team for operations and operative costs.

  • Marketing (Q4) As sports betting is one of the most competitive spaces for advertisement, ad space sold on unibets.ai will be 100% shared with $BETS holders.