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Самоотчетено циркулиращо предлагане
480,000,000 STN
Общо предлагане
10,000,000,000 STN
макс. предлагане
10,000,000,000 STN
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EnergyHealthServicesПоказване на всички

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STN is a FitnessFi Superapp that integrates with Artificial intelligence technology (AI) and Defi options to provide you with an "all-in-one" platform with an extraordinary Free-Fit-Fun experience. STN's mission is to inspire millions of people to live a healthy lifestyle by encouraging users to exercise daily and awarding them worthy rewards. The STN app has 4 NFT types: Pro, Expert, Master, and Legend. Each NFT is like your own Personal Trainer and helps you earn as much STN as possible.