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Outlanders is set to be the world’s first open-world MMORPG utilizing blockchain technology.

Outlanders is an adventure game where players fight monsters and other players for territorial dominance. Every entity defeated leads to a unique crypto asset drop in the form of an NFT or or valuable in-game item.

Those that connect their Web3 wallet can list their item for sale in the game’s native token $LAND. These assets can be sold in a game-wide marketplace and players can also set up individual stores to negotiate with individual players. LAND can also be used to further increase character strength and enhance the gameplay experience. Players can choose to stake acquired $LAND for additional rewards or vote in strategic governance decisions that drive the gaming community forward.

Outlanders is built on the powerful Unity and WebGL frameworks, allowing the game to exist as a web-based application with blazing fast execution and a sublime experience. It is also the first play-to-earn game launched with the Nakamoto Games SDK.

Unlike existing play-to-earn games, Outlanders lowers the entry barrier by offering a free-to-play model with limited rewards. Everyone has the same clothes and weapons to play with from the start and can make their items more valuable by overcoming monsters within the game. Players can also enjoy more profitable and competitive gameplay by purchasing Nakamoto Games tickets and holding $NAKA. Outlander’s in-game assets will also be listed on the official Nakamoto Games marketplace for purchase using $LAND tokens.

Outlanders will be released on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), kickstarting Nakamoto Games’ multi-chain approach with the dual token dynamics ($LAND + $NAKA).