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53,655,390 FCD
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1,000,000,000 FCD
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1,000,000,000 FCD
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FreshCut is a gaming community and content ecosystem built for creators and fans. Through short-form gaming videos, the platform is redefining creator-fan engagement and showcasing top-level gaming experiences. In addition to showcasing the best moments in gaming, FreshCut offers innovative features to reward creators and fans for engaging with one another – all while giving them a voice in the platform they contribute to.

FreshCut's mission is twofold: * To connect creators and fans through FreshCut’s app, platform and social community by showcasing the freshest short form content from gaming creators, events and esports * To progressively decentralize and share value back to the community contributors that help build and maintain FreshCut: fans/viewers, gaming creators and event organizers

The FreshCut Diamond ($FCD) is a community token that powers the FreshCut platform and ecosystem. Users can earn $FCD through watch-and-earn and create-and-earn mechanics in the FreshCut mobile app and Discord community. With $FCD, fans can tip creators for their content, and in the future, purchase exclusive digital collectibles that will be made in partnership with FreshCut creators. $FCD holders will also receive membership benefits within the FreshCut Ecosystem, as well as the ability to input your voice in platform and community decisions.