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За forbitspace

What is forbitspace? forbitspace is an aggregator protocol that allows traders to use a single interface to access a variety of financial tools. To cope with the unconnected liquidity that decentralized exchanges are notorious for, forbitspace is exploring new aggregation approaches.

forbitspace uses Spaceflight algorithm smart order routing to split a single transaction into several orders across multiple DEXs, also routes orders through allowing crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and benefit from higher prices with low cost and efficiency. What are forbitspace features? Aggregation Protocol: unites decentralized applications across disparate blockchains, also unites liquidity across chains and makes it possible to transact in, out, and across disparate networks with ease. Liquidity Protocol: Traders can provide liquidity to pools and collect extra rewards in FBS tokens for participating in liquidity mining programs. Limit Order Protocol: A limit order places a specific price that a trader wants to buy or sell at and is only executed if the market hits that price. Derivative Protocol: create custom assets by using forward-looking features of locking the price in and the ability to either buy or sell an asset. Self-custody: forbitspace Dapp is built on decentralized crypto for customers to do self-custody of their crypto in the main forbitspace app. Space DAO: Space DAO utilizes blockchain-based tokens to represent voting rights, only token holders can participate in network governance. FBS is the native utility token that is used in the following functions: Protocol Governance: Allows FBS token holders to vote on network governance proposals in futures protocol, exchange parameters, and protocol upgrades via a DAO structure. Liquidity mining Incentives: forbitspace’s protocols incorporates a liquidity mining scheme and distributes a fixed number of FBS tokens daily weighted by the liquidity each network participant provides on forbitspace protocol or forbitswap protocol. Collateral Backing for Derivatives: FBS will be utilized as an alternative to stablecoins as margin and collateral for forbitspace’s derivatives markets. In some futures markets, FBS can also be used for collateral backing or insurance pool staking where stakes can earn interest on their locked tokens. Platform Service Fees: After the relayer reward distribution, the exchange platform fee will undergo an on-chain buy-back-and-burn event to accrue value for FBS. Utility holders: FBS token holders can be participating in an auction with options such as Crowdsale, Dutch & Batch auction, Flyby IDO launchpad - a multi-chain platform, and NFTs Space. Who are the Founders of forbitspace? forbitspace was founded by Mr. Baroda Hoang . Before entering the crypto space, he was an expert in marketing and market research. He’s been involved in the digital asset ecosystem since 2016 and worked with and advised a variety of blockchain projects.

When participating in some blockchain events in the Asian market, he saw a huge demand for the Blockchain space, especially the decentralized financial market. That’s one of the reasons he started forbitspace.

And Co-founder of forbitspace is Mr. Menard Quinosa. He is a financial strategist, fund manager, analyst, and currency trader. He has more than 9 years of experience in the financial market. He also participated in multiple trading and cryptocurrency events in Dubai, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hongkong.

How is the forbitspace secured?

To assure users of the project’s usability and security, forbitspace brought in CertiK, a cybersecurity firm founded by Yale professors, to audit its code and activate CertiK Skynet, which is an on-chain security and data insights platform that provides 24/7 monitoring of smart contracts.

Hacken, one of the leading crypto audit companies, also participates in the audit of the forbitspace protocol to bring users the most possible secured trading space.