'Idiot' Car Enthusiast Reveals His Very Big Bitcoin Mistake
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'Idiot' Car Enthusiast Reveals His Very Big Bitcoin Mistake

1 year ago

If he'd waited a few more years, Chris Cut could have ended up buying many more vintage cars.

'Idiot' Car Enthusiast Reveals His Very Big Bitcoin Mistake

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So, so many of us have got stories of regret when it comes to crypto. We lament selling up too early… or offloading our Bitcoin too late.

And one of them is the YouTuber NSXTRA, who has described himself as an “idiot” in a new video for spending his crypto stash on old cars.

He revealed that — on Valentine’s Day in 2017 — he bought a Honda NSX Targa for 30.5 BTC, when the world’s biggest cryptocurrency was selling for just $1,000 a coin. At current rates, that crypto would be worth more than $15.6 million.

Chris Cut’s woes don’t end here. He also splashed out 6.5 BTC on another Honda in 2018, when the crypto was nearing 52-week lows at $4,300. Fast forward to now, and he’s missed out on $333,000.

In a YouTube video in front of his car collection, Cut explained:

“I started doing some math and it made me kick myself in the ass and I feel pretty depressed.”

His main regret? That he could have ended up buying even more cars with his crypto if he had just been a little bit more patient.

Cut’s story has eerie similarities to that of Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, who revealed last week that he had sold off all of his DOGE holdings. At the time, the software engineer said he ended up making enough money to buy... a used Honda Civic.

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