Brave to Take on Google with Privacy-Focused Search Engine
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Brave to Take on Google with Privacy-Focused Search Engine

1 year ago

Google has a 92% share of the market — and Brave wants to change that.

Brave to Take on Google with Privacy-Focused Search Engine


Brave has announced plans to take on Google by launching its own privacy-focused search engine.

The tech company, which already runs the crypto-friendly Brave browser, has just acquired Tailcat, an open search engine.

Brave Search aims to take a slice of the staggering 92% market share that Google currently dominates by catering to the growing demand for greater privacy online and the desire to find alternatives to big tech. 

Unlike other Silicon Valley giants, Brave rejects the standard practice of collecting IP addresses, personal data, or the use of algorithms to influence results. Instead, Brave will use Tailcat’s independent index of websites as well as other methods to provide transparency. 

How Brave Search Will Work

Brave will also offer two types of search — one being ad-free paid search, and the other being ad-supported search. If you opt for the ad-supported search you’ll be rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for watching the ads, while remaining anonymous and preserving your privacy. 

In a recent company announcement Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, said:

“Brave has grown significantly over the past year, from 11 million monthly active users to over 25 million. We expect to see even greater demand for Brave in 2021 as more and more users demand real privacy solutions to escape big tech’s invasive practices.”

In another vouch for privacy and the shift away from traditional institutions, Brave also recently announced that they would be launching a decentralized exchange aggregator and a new wallet. 

The move into decentralized finance (DeFi) will allow users to hold their own private keys, allowing them to have total control of their coins. 

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