YouTube Enters The World of NFTs - Exciting News for the Creators!

YouTube Enters The World of NFTs - Exciting News for the Creators!

6 months ago

NFTs have taken the digital world by storm. The most popular video-sharing and content-generation platform, YouTube, also jumped on the NFT bandwagon with an announcement!

YouTube Enters The World of NFTs - Exciting News for the Creators!

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In comparison to normal cryptocurrency projects, the concept of NFTs is relatively new and building an audience at its own pace. As the world is beginning to understand the applications of NFTs, there are rumors of their implementations by leading business ventures.

NIKE recently experimented with an initiative, Cryptokick, a virtual locker that will help you maintain a digital copy of your purchased sneaker. You can find NIKE sneaker copies in almost every corner of the world. However, with a verifying method backed by blockchain, you can easily ensure that your purchased product is original.

YouTube Has Something to Offer to Its Creators

With the advent and rise of NFTs, many digital apps have entered the crypto space either using promotions or offering multiple benefits. Although major tech companies have been relatively reluctant to adopt the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in their routine business activities, some of them have hinted at a vote of confidence for the technology. The most prominent example of such companies, YouTube, is leading the pack by offering its creators customized NFTs to recognize their services for the community.

How Is YouTube a Good Platform to Promote NFTs?

It’s a no-brainer that YouTube is the most popular video content-sharing platform. Due to a broader audience, YouTube has an implicit responsibility of spreading knowledge of new technologies. For this reason, its interest in NFTs will only increase the frequency of related search queries on the platform.

The term NFTs is floating all around YouTube for months now. From search bars to YouTube channels and videos, NFTs have marked their place everywhere. With their ultimate success in the crypto space, many crypto investors have put millions of dollars in NFTs, while the rest strives to promote them and educate people about their plenty of benefits. The journey from videos to viewers and purchasers is not easy.

A video creator owes a lot to a video’s success. It takes blood and sweat to create thoughtful content that adequately conveys the video’s aim. Hence, considering the incredible rise of NFTs, creators have put their hearts and souls into letting the world know about them. This fact can be justified by the number of people who have been inspired by YouTube content and entered the NFT market.

What Exciting News YouTube Has for Its Creators?

If you are a creator, gather yourself and take a deep breath because we will be sharing something that will leave you amazed. It was rumored that YouTube was handing out NFTs as subscription milestones recently. However, Head of Gaming at YouTube, Ryan Wyatt, a crypto advisor, and investor, explained to the audience on one of the leading social media platforms, Instagram, that YouTube is not sending out these gifts because of subscription milestones. Instead, it is a part of YouTube’s yearly practice. It gives different presents to its top-ranked creators every year who have strived hard to create original, engaging, influential, and compelling content for the YouTube consumers. And this year, YouTube has chosen NFTs as gifts for those inspiring and competitive creators.

Creators Who Receive NFTs

Many creators received NFTs as presents. Out of them, FaZe Rug, a YouTube (video) creator with nearly 21 million subscribers, has been rewarded a 1/1 NFT. He shared the news through his Instagram post. This news was also shared by an Instagram handle, ‘Nftkingz,’ stating that he received it for reaching 20 million subscribers.

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The head of gaming corrected this at YouTube, who mentioned that these gifts are a token of appreciation for the creator’s efforts and success. On the other hand, Arun Maini, a tech creator with 9M YouTube subscribers, has also received an NFT.

The Future of NFTs and Creators

YouTube creators have acted as a bridge between the NFT market and consumers. With their fresh and enticing content, they have developed an NFT community on the platform that includes young and inspired people. Be it investing, accumulation, or promotions, the circle has expanded a lot since its advent.

In addition to this, YouTube is an excellent platform for talented creators to enhance their reputation within the NFT community and eventually highlight them as influencers. Since YouTube’s recommendation system has been unparalleled for quite some time, it will only help both existing YouTube creators who plan to step into the NFT market and NFT creators who wish to expand their audience by increasing their activity on the content-sharing platform.

The metaverse has given investors a huge and promising marketplace to make profits. Moreover, the NFT market is doing wonders since its consumers have increased in numbers, and experts suggest that there will come a point when the NFTs will surpass other innovations. The way it has raised the bars and driven people crazy is sufficient enough to predict that the future is bright for this new crypto member. This is why seasoned NFT creators believe that now is the best time to enter the NFT creators’ space.

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