Mark Zuckerberg Has a Goat Called Bitcoin. What Does This Mean?
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Mark Zuckerberg Has a Goat Called Bitcoin. What Does This Mean?

1 year ago

(It might not be a good thing. Twitter's CEO says Zuckerberg once killed a goat with a laser gun and had it for dinner.)

Mark Zuckerberg Has a Goat Called Bitcoin. What Does This Mean?

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Mark Zuckerberg has shared a picture of his two goats on Facebook… and one of them is called Bitcoin.

As you might expect, the social network CEO’s post has caused a frenzy — with feverish speculation that the billionaire owns crypto.

It’s not an unreasonable theory. After all… why would you name a pet after a digital currency if you didn’t own any?

On Twitter, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano pondered:

“Is Mark Zuckerberg telling us he is a bitcoin maximalist with the names of his goats?”

Meanwhile, others suggested that this could be the surest sign yet that Facebook will confirm it has invested in Bitcoin as a reserve asset.

However, we have heard these rumors before. Countless crypto enthusiasts were confident that the tech giant was going to announce its BTC purchase when Q1 results were released in late April… but it didn’t.

A Bad Sign? 

Zuckerberg naming one of his goats “Bitcoin” might not be the compliment that the crypto sector thinks it is.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (himself a Bitcoin enthusiast) revealed that Zuckerberg had killed one of his own goats with a laser gun… and served it for dinner.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, Facebook’s main focus has been on its Diem stablecoin — amid hopes that the asset will dramatically reduce the costs of making cross-border payments.

Unfortunately, the social network has had great difficulty getting this project off the ground, with central banks and governments expressing concern that Diem could undermine fiat currencies and cause financial instability.

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