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TV Show Wants to Help People Frozen Out of Their Crypto Wallets

Published on:
July 8, 2021

However, investors who take part are being warned they must be prepared to lose their crypto forever.

TV Show Wants to Help People Frozen Out of Their Crypto Wallets

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A reality TV series has announced that it wants to hear from people who have been frozen out of their crypto wallets.


There have been a number of horror stories during the most recent bull run, with several investors revealing they were missing out on thousands of Bitcoin after forgetting their passwords.


Now, one casting director is inviting investors to take part in a show where they will be connected with cybersecurity experts who will aim to help them regain access to their funds, and potentially secure a windfall.

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However, there is a catch. Casting director Jessica Jorgensen has said participants must accept that they could end up losing access to all of their coins, and have to be willing to use any remaining password attempts that they have.


Over the years, research has suggested that about four million Bitcoin has been lost forever.


Back in April 2020, Cane Island Digital Research also said that about 4% of available Bitcoin are lost each year — and all of this means that the maximum number of BTC in circulation will never exceed 14 million.


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