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To Have and to Hodl: This Couple Just Got Married on the Blockchain

Published on:
April 5, 2021

Their vows are immortalized in the form of a smart contract, and they exchanged NFTs as a token of their love.

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Two Coinbase employees have gotten married on the blockchain — digitizing their rings as a token of their love.


As well as having a traditional Jewish ceremony, Rebecca Rose and Peter Kacherginsky had a distinctively modern twist — with the groom writing an Ethereum smart contract for their marriage that issued digital artwork to their cryptocurrency wallets.


Each of the two unique tokens features an animation by Carl Johan Hasselrot, which illustrates two distinctive objects becoming one… like in a normal marriage. Just like rings, the happy couple sent these NFTs to each other from their crypto wallets. Rebecca explained: 

“The record of us exchanging these virtual rings will be permanently stored on the #blockchain for all to see as proof of our commitment to each other.”

To Have and to Hodl 

Rebecca went on to share a powerful explanation of why getting married this way is much more sentimental than may first meet the eye. She wrote:

“The #blockchain, unlike physical objects, is forever. It is unstoppable, impossible to censor, and does not require anyone’s permission. Just as love should be. What could possibly be more romantic than that?”


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