SuperRare Employee Out After 'Offensive, Racist' Tweets
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SuperRare Employee Out After 'Offensive, Racist' Tweets

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The community manager later held a Twitter Spaces to discuss what had happened, and a past tweet where she said "I do hate Mexicans emerged."

SuperRare Employee Out After 'Offensive, Racist' Tweets

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Digital art marketplace SuperRare has parted ways with its senior community manager after her historical tweets resurfaced.

The employee — known as @ashnichrist — "had used offensive and racist language in the past," the company said in a statement, adding:

"SuperRare Labs has a zero tolerance policy for and condemns racist, derogatory or hateful speech, full stop. We are a destination for all people and we are committed to anti-racism and to being a safe and inclusive space."

It added that it is committed "to our valued POC who make our ecosystem a vibrant destination for creative expression for all."

Screenshots shared on the social network initially showed @ashnichrist had used the N-word when quoting Kanye West lyrics. After SuperRare confirmed her departure, she wrote:

"I tweeted some unacceptable and derogatory comments in my past and I'm deeply ashamed. I apologize for the harm and hurt I caused and am stepping down from my role at SuperRare to reflect and learn from my mistakes."

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More Tweets Emerge

She later held a Twitter Spaces to discuss what had happened — entitled "a warning to all Web3."

At first, @ashnichrist said she had a "rough ass day" as her boyfriend had broken up with her — and that she was willing to answer questions and receive feedback from her followers. She said "that there should be a path for saying 'hey, I f***** up and I'm truly sorry."

But as the conversation unfolded, other tweets from her past began to be pinned to the top of the Twitter Spaces — including one that said: "I do hate Mexicans."

During the conversation, @ashnichrist said she had antagonized people who were against Web3 — and this had caused them to search through her past tweets.

Some of those who spoke during the Spaces said they were "enraged" after seeing these past posts, not least because some of them were written when @ashnichrist was 26. One person on stage said:

"S*** is hitting the fan in real time. I'm still processing this."

Others questioned why the Spaces was being held in the first place:

"You've disrespected my whole community … There's no 'oh my god Ashni, you've amazing for this space' — that's all disregarded as far as I'm concerned, because as far as we're concerned, you're a racist."

A number of those who went on the stage to speak out said that they had ended up receiving racist abuse in their direct messages.

Earlier this week, Ethereum Name Service director of operations Brantly Millegan was ousted from his position after a tweet from 2016 emerged where he had said:

"Homosexual acts are evil. Transgenderism doesn't exist. Abortion is murder. Contraception is a perversion. So is masturbation and porn."

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