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Revealed: What the Typical Crypto Owner Looks Like — and What They Own

Published on:
January 28, 2021

Crypto users tend to be male, in their mid-30s and university educated, the Binance report suggests.

Revealed: What the Typical Crypto Owner Looks Like — and What They Own

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Binance has released a new study that delivers a compelling snapshot of how the crypto industry is looking in 2021.


According to its new report, 52% of crypto owners consider digital assets as a source of income — and for 15% of users, it’s their primary source of income.


The survey of 61,000 people in 178 countries and regions revealed that 65% own Bitcoin — and the number of people who regret not buying crypto far outweighs those who feel they made a mistake by snapping up digital assets.


About 39% of all crypto purchased is HODLed and just 11% is used for payments, indicating that this asset class has a long way to go before it’s widely used as a medium of exchange.


Here’s an especially staggering statistic: 97% of those polled say that they have confidence in crypto.


The Binance survey also cast a spotlight on the typical crypto user. About 95% are male, and 41% of them have undergraduate degrees. They’re 34 years old on average, and earn about $25,000 a year.


Exchanges are the most popular place to store crypto — with 60% keeping their coins on these platforms. Cold wallets are used by just 26% of users.


Another interesting nugget of intelligence concerns Bitcoin maximalists — the people who have more than half of their invested wealth in crypto and solely own BTC. They’re 406% more likely to hold a PhD, and are 179% more likely to earn more than $90,000 a year.

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