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Contract Killers Are Getting Paid in Bitcoin, Top Detective Claims

Published on:
January 15, 2021

A top detective says cybercriminals use advanced techniques to protect their anonymity and avoid being punished.

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Contract killers in Russia are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, a cybercrime detective has claimed.


Konstantin Komarda told the TASS news agency that their crimes are often meticulously planned — and cybercriminals use advanced techniques to protect their anonymity and avoid being punished.


He revealed that crypto payments are normally channeled through up to 20 anonymous wallets. From here, “they are carefully washed out among tens of thousands of other transactions before reaching the final recipient.”


Companies such as Chainalysis have gained a reputation for helping law enforcement agencies track down criminals who use crypto to further their illegal enterprises. Despite the fact that digital assets such as Monero offer greater levels of privacy, many gangs still prefer to use Bitcoin because of how it’s more convenient and easier to access. Tumblers are often used to obfuscate details surrounding each transaction.


In a separate TASS interview, renowned crypto critic Anatoly Aksasov echoed Christine Lagarde’s calls for Bitcoin to be regulated globally — and with BTC prices surging dramatically in recent weeks, he warned “this bubble must burst.” He added:

“I think Bitcoin should be regulated. Maybe should be banned as a means of payment. In any case, it is necessary to cut off all channels for using bitcoin to finance drug trafficking, terrorist operations, money laundering, corruption schemes, and so on.”

It is worth noting that Russia already has legislation in place that means cryptocurrencies cannot be used as a means of payment — and anyone who owns digital assets is legally obliged to make a declaration.


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