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CoinMarketRecap Podcast: Listen to This Week's Crypto News!

Published on:
July 9, 2021

Ransomware is a growing problem — and this week, we may have seen the biggest such attack ever.

CoinMarketRecap Podcast: Listen to This Week's Crypto News!

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CoinMarketRecap, hosted by Connor Sephton, aims to break down the week's crypto news in a fun and accessible way.

Research continually shows that consumers find cryptocurrencies difficult to understand — and we're determined to change that.

Our episode begins with a fast-paced summary of the week's headlines, including the impact that Bitcoin's recent plunge might have on Tesla's financial results, the bank that thinks ETH could one day overtake BTC, and the university that's rewarding students who go to the toilet with crypto.

We've also got an in-depth interview with cybersecurity expert Chester Wisniewski about the latest REvil ransomware attack, with 1,500 businesses affected. Should these companies pay up — and what impact will it have on Bitcoin?

And as new data shows NFT sales in the first half of 2021 hit $2.5 billion, DappRadar's Ian Kane talks us through the latest trends — including which NFT collections are surging in popularity... and which ones aren't.

Thank you for listening — and we hope you like it! As ever, we're really keen to hear your feedback.

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