CoinMarketCap Introduces New Logins to Secure Privacy

CoinMarketCap Introduces New Logins to Secure Privacy

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Check out the new safety updates to CoinMarketCap's logins.

CoinMarketCap Introduces New Logins to Secure Privacy

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Some of you might have noticed that we’ve upgraded our login security recently! We know that there is more and more data associated with your account on our website, such as your portfolio, watchlist, and more in the future — and you definitely do not want someone unauthorized to take a peek at it. We heard your concerns, and we have acted on them.

Changes We Made to Login/Signup 

New Login Credential Requirement

We now require passwords to contain both letters and numbers, with a minimum length of eight characters. If you have registered with us before and you have a shorter password, please take some time to think of a new password, and when you first log back in our system, we’ll ask you to change your password to ensure you are well protected. 

If you’ve never set up a password before, please understand that due to the security reasons, you’ll need to set a password going forward following the same requirements. We want to make sure you are enjoying CoinMarketCap with the highest level of protection.

Simple and Easier Interface

Although you may not have been aware of this, you often needed to jump to a new window in our old login system when logging in from different spots of the website. 

This is extremely annoying (at least to me!) and we wanted to resolve this issue for you. With the new login modal embedded on the page, you’re no longer jumping around and will stay on the original page to complete what you were doing beforehand! 

High Standard of Security

We know sometimes you might leave your computer for a while, and there are some secrets you definitely don’t want to share with others. Just in case you sometimes have no access to your computer for a long time, we automatically log you out after seven days. Also, if someone tries to access your account and input the wrong credential for more than 10 times, we’ll temporarily lock your account and release it once your password is changed or after 24 hours. Although you might find this a bit troublesome, please understand all of these are to ensure the security of your account data. 

Some Tips for Sign-up/Login

  • We rely on the email address you provided to be a secondary verification factor. If you didn’t receive the verification email when you signed up, or when you tried to reset your password, please first check your spam folder if there are emails sent by CoinMarketCap. Sometimes our emails accidentally land in spam folders and this is outside of our control.
  • Our login system will be renewed on CoinMarketCap website first and later on the mobile app. To ensure the highest level of security, please remember to update your password and use the same password to re-log in to your account on the website and the app if you have it. 

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