The Library of Alexandria was the world’s first known attempt to create a universal library, one place to store all of the knowledge that existed and could be collected at the time. In fact, the creators of the library once wrote that they wanted to “collect, if possible, all the books in the world.”

Since its inception, CoinMarketCap has had a similar goal of collecting all of the data about the cryptocurrency space and putting it in one, online location, so that anyone, anywhere can find out more about any particular cryptoasset they are interested in. However, while CMC contains an astonishing breadth of data about cryptocurrencies, it has not yet expanded to include the information that cryptocurrency users often need about how the space works, emerging new technologies and trends and what it all actually means in a real world situation.

With that in mind, CoinMarketCap has founded CMC Alexandria. Unlike the Library of Alexandria, which reportedly searched all incoming ships for books to take for its physical collection, CMC Alexandria will house online both content about crypto written by our own researchers and employees, as well as articles by some of the best minds in the crypto space today.

While CMC Alexandria cannot claim to cover all of the existing knowledge of the cryptocurrency space, we are starting our online library with the same lofty goal of those original Library of Alexandria founders back in the second century BCE: “to collect, if possible, all of the information about cryptocurrency in the world.”