Bart Stephens

Bart Stephens

Co-founder and managing partner at Blockchain Capital LLC

Bart Stephens是谁?

Bart Stephens is a three time founder whose career has focused on emerging technologies.  Bart has founded an internet company, a hedge fund, and a venture capital firm. He is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital which is a venture capital fund cofounded by his brother Bart along with Brock Pierce, it focuses on investing in the blockchain technology sector and claims to be the inventor of the Security Token, raising their third venture fund through an ICO. Blockchain Capital has more than 75 portfolio companies across four funds. Prior to Blockchain Capital, Bart was Managing Partner and a founder of Stephens Investment Management (SIM), a hedge fund firm that in 2002 invented the term and pioneered the strategy “Nanocap” investing – venture capital style investing in the public markets focused on sub micro-cap equities. Prior to founding SIM, Bart was Executive Vice President, Venture Capital for Ivanhoe Capital Corporation (ICC), an international investment firm.


"It is hard to fault the major payment co's for leaving Libra when US Congressional & Regulatory pressure is this heavy handed. Blockchain Innovation doesn't get uninvented-it just moves offshore. In 2030 these two will demand hearings on how China leapfrogged the US in fintech"

Picture source: Blockchain Capital