What’s CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Q3 Recap

What’s CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Q3 Recap

2 years ago

This past quarter, we've expanded our loyalty program, launched a YouTube channel, added more languages to our app and site, and much, much more.

What’s CoinMarketCap Been Up To? A Q3 Recap


What’s New on the CoinMarketCap Website?

Our Loyalty Program Continues to Grow!

Remember when we added our new Diamond program for everyone to collect reward points last quarter? We went wilder and bolder in this quarter 🐯! 

We added more methods for you to collect Diamonds, a leaderboard showing the top users who collected the most Diamonds, and now Diamonds are also able to be exchanged for some fun stuff! 
So far, we’ve added various NFTs, CoinMarketCap special avatars and a lucky draw for chances to earn more (or fewer 😭) Diamonds! We hope that you enjoyed our Diamonds and the rewards — there will be more and more coming!

Choose Your Own Avatar

Having an account is a little bit more fun than before now on CoinMarketCap! We added a series of avatars that you could choose from, or using collected Diamonds to redeem a special avatar that would show up on your account menu, leaderboards or anywhere that could represent you. 

Have You Seen Our New Homepage?

We added a light touch to our homepage and made it a little bit different now. 

On the new homepage, we added a bigger carousel that shows you more interactive content like videos, a daily news recap, and new campaigns running by us or any new good and interesting articles on Academy. A simple snapshot of newly added tokens, trending coins or the high performers are also added to the top of the page, which allows you to just take a glimpse and know the latest developments in the crypto world!

New DEXs Supported on Swap

Our swap is also a new feature we released in last quarter, starting with supporting only Uniswap. This quarter, we’ve added new DEXs including Pancake Swap and Mdex, and expanded supported blockchain to BSC and Heco. 

New Price Estimates Insights

It’s been a few months since we first released the price estimate feature, and we’ve collected enough data to show you more insights from our users’ price prediction! 

A brand new price prediction center was added where you can easily see what are the most popular coins/ tokens our users have predicted, how accurate the estimates were compared with the actual month end prices, a leaderboard showing users who have the best guesses of prices, and your very own personal prediction statistics page. 

Making estimates also gives you chances to earn more Diamonds! 

New NFT Zone

NFTs have once again become the hottest topic recently. 

In order to give you a better tool to track NFTs, a brand new NFT zone was released! Here, we provide more useful statistics such as the floor price, and also added a section of NFT related articles for you to easier access and learn.


A new language — Ukrainian — is now supported on the CoinMarketCap website!

We are expanding our coverage of languages! We’ve added the Ukrainian site — it’s now much easier for users from Ukraine to use our site!

Our Mobile App — What’s New?

Updated Asset Details Page

We did a complete overhaul of our asset detail pages this quarter. We revamped the layout to focus on the statistics and information that is most important to crypto traders.

Our charts also got a refresh!  We added more dynamic chart coloration: everything above the opening price is green, everything below the opening price is red.

Loyalty Program and Avatars Now on Mobile

We love our community. No matter if you have been with CMC for a long time, or you are new here, we want to thank you for accompanying us on this crypto journey. From now on when you come to our app, don’t forget to collect your Diamonds — they are now available on mobile as well!

Remember that you can use these Diamonds to redeem exclusive rewards and special offers like custom avatars and NFTs!

You can also now select your custom avatars for your CoinMarketCap account on mobile as well as the website! Your avatar will be displayed on your account across both the website and the app. You can use your CMC Diamonds to buy awesome new avatars, making your app experience unique to you!

Support for Multiple Portfolios

You asked, we listened! 

One of our most requested features has been to allow users to create, track and manage multiple portfolios. You can now create multiple portfolios in your app. As always, your data will be synced across our website and mobile app, so you can check your portfolio anywhere, anytime.
*Pro Tip! If you press and hold the portfolio icon in the navigation bar, it is a shortcut to open the portfolio menu.

New Languages Support

To further our mission of showcasing the crypto revolution to the world, we translated our apps into five new languages!

  • Portuguese
  • Hindi
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Polish
  • Ukrainian
  • Arabic
Our app now supports translations for 19 different languages. More languages are coming soon! 

Other App Updates

We also added the new “Play to Earn” sector on the Sectors tab to track the trending GameFi tokens.

We Have a YouTube Channel!

That’s right — you can now see CoinMarketCap videos right on YouTube.

In the past quarter, we have grown from 2,000 to over 170,000 subscribers, so we must be doing something right!

Subscribe to our channel to see our daily news roundups, crypto tutorials, trading analysis, our “Explain Crypto Like I’m 5” series and more.

CoinMarketCap Academy

Our educational platform is only getting bigger! Over the past quarter, we’ve added a new series of technical analysis, as well as even more deep dives into the newest and hottest trending tech.

If you ever have a question about anything crypto-related, check out CoinMarketCap Academy and you’ll find your answer.
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