What Is League of Kingdoms (LOKA)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

What Is League of Kingdoms (LOKA)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction

2 years ago

Academy by CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into League of Kingdoms (LOKA), a combination of blockchain MMO strategy games and the 26th project on Binance Launchpad.

What Is League of Kingdoms (LOKA)? Features, Tokenomics, and Price Prediction


League of Kingdoms (LOKA) claims to be the world's first 4x MMO strategic game, as well as one of the world's fastest-growing blockchain MMO games. The game is built on the

Ethereum blockchain and its NFT ecosystem include a variety of in-game assets and properties, such as the game's iconic Land NFT.

The Land NFTs are kept on the blockchain network and reflect the League of Kingdoms world's very foundation. However, not only can players own these Lands, but they can also gather resources on them and mint NFTs to trade.

The game features a variety of gameplay types, from PvE to MMO. In the future, the gaming universe will be expanded with new game types, events, missions, campaigns, and contests.

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How Does League of Kingdoms (LOKA) Work?

League of Kingdoms is a full-featured MMO Strategy game with single-player (PvE), multiplayer (PvP), and party-play options (MMO). The game attracts both crypto aficionados and mainstream gamers thanks to its diverse and rich game modes, content, and events.

League of Kingdoms is a game with a lot of content, modes, specs, events, and components to offer. It's simple but sophisticated, exciting but tactical, and dynamic but multi-faceted.

In the game, the players can construct their kingdom, join an alliance, participate in wars against other kingdoms, participate in championships, and many more activities.

The Gameplay of League of Kingdoms (LOKA)

Kingdom Building

In the first step, the players have to construct buildings inside their kingdom. This can include farms, barracks, quarries, and so on. As the player builds on and upgrades these buildings, their overall rank in the game increases and they become more powerful.

The next step is to invest some time and resources into the Academy, Alliance technology, and Mastery functions. Players can invest their time in the academy to develop new technologies. They can use alliance technology to benefit their kingdom and the alliance as a whole. And finally, they can earn mastery points to level up their lords and become more powerful in the game.

The third and final step of kingdom building includes the training of troops from three divisions, namely Infantry, Archery, and Cavalry. These troops have different battle abilities and keeping a balance among them is crucial to advance in the game.

Farm and Hunt

Farming and hunting help the gamers to collect resources that they can use to build their kingdom.

In farming, there are five main resources including food, wood, gold, crystals, and stone. These resources can be harvested from the farms present inside the castle.

Players can also hunt monsters to gather resources and loots which will help them earn EXP as well. EXP can help players gain new mastery skills.


Alliances are the core feature on which the League of Kingdoms (LOKA) is built. Players can join an alliance to excel faster in the game as it increases their chances of winning significantly.

An attack on one alliance player is considered an attack on the entire alliance. Moreover, players can gain benefits from the exclusive perks offered to an alliance like technology, gifts, lands, and many other things.


After the kingdom has been built, resources gathered, troops trained, and an alliance joined, it is now time to battle. This is where things get interesting as the League of Kingdoms has various battle modes including PvE, PvP, and MMO. Each battle mode has its challenges and it is best to master a battle mode before moving on to the next one.

To learn more about battle techniques, click here.

Use Cases of League of Kingdoms (LOKA) Token

Regardless of who owns allodial title (NFT) to the land and material rights, LOKA holders will be in a privileged role of jurisdictional authority over entire continents. These players may be able to limit parts of the activities that can take place while under their control, levy taxes on inhabitants, issue fees, determine the value of bounties for contests, and establish other rules that other players must follow.

Simply put, LOKA stands for a wide range of democratic rights, including, but not limited to, voting rights, proposal rights, membership rights, and the freedom to express oneself on a variety of issues. It can be a double-edged sword in this way.

To avoid being supplanted by a handful of more powerful entities, the governance process will very certainly require several actors to work on these regulations, fines, fees, tolls, and other elements.

The shards of the "League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)" are Ethereum-based ERC-20 governance tokens. As essential members of the game universe, LOKA holders will be entitled to a variety of benefits and privileges, including the ability to participate in game governance processes.

Players will be able to earn $LOKA through participating in various community-driven activities and playing various game content within the League of Kingdoms Universe.

In summary, there are two utilities of the LOKA token:

  • To stay up with the quickly changing and increasing digital landscape, decentralize the ownership and control of the game universe.
  • More players will be encouraged to stake their tokens for the project's long-term vision and engage actively in governance processes.

Unique Features of League of Kingdoms (LOKA)


The League of Kingdoms incorporates a variety of economic, social, diplomatic, and political factors. Gamers can experience a fine balance that incorporates the best of social, casual, and hard-core games thanks to the communal experience based around its alliance system.

A well-functioning governance system is an absolute must in order to balance out the sophisticated nature of the game and its diverse set of users. The token economy's adoption will not only emphasize its significance but will also permit more strong governance responsibilities.

The voting power of a LOKA holder is proportionate to the quantity staked in the vote. Voters with more LOKA stakes have a bigger say (vote weight) in deciding whether or not to implement the reforms proposed in a governance poll.

However, during the early stages of the game, the core team will make governance decisions using their locked team, game, land, staking, ecosystem, and reserve tokens. This would prevent malicious players from attempting hostile takeovers and damaging the ecosystem during platform development's early and essential stages.

During this time, more advanced technology infrastructure, such as the staking dashboard and governance agora, will be constructed and delivered in 2022 to aid the decision-making process.

Drago NFTs

The Dragos are dragon-like monsters endemic to the Genesis Continent of the League of Kingdoms.

The Drago Play-to-Earn NFT system will be released in the first half of 2022 and will serve as the foundation for the LOK Play-to-Earn economy's expansion. During the genesis in the first half of 2022, just a small number of Dragos will be hatched. All future Dragos will be bred from the existing population, and there are only a few legendary Dragos at the start of the game.
There are many other features that are discussed in the official LOKA whitepaper, here.

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) Tokenomics

The official details about the LOKA token shared by Binance are as follows:

  • Total token supply - 500,000,000 LOKA
  • Private sale allocation - 31,000,000 LOKA
  • Private sale token price - 0.10 USD / LOKA
  • Private sale amount raised - 3,100,000 USD
  • Binance launchpad sale allocation - 25,000,000 LOKA
  • Binance launchpad sale price - 0.16 USD / LOKA
  • Binance launchpad amount to be raised - 4,000,000 USD
  • Initial circ. supply when listed on Binance - 50,708,974 LOKA (10.14%)
For official details about the LOKA token, please click here.

Team Behind League of Kingdoms (LOKA)

The main members of the League of Kingdoms project are as follows:

  • Chan Lee - Chief Executive officer
  • Steve Hwang - Chief Technology officer
  • Han Yoo - Chief Operating officer
  • Edgar Kim - Chief Game Designer

Roadmap of Kingdoms (LOKA)

In 2022, the League of Kingdoms (LOKA) plans to launch its NFT marketplace, land reward hub, PvP arena, and many other updates. In 2023 and 2024, the LOKA team has plans to launch an Esports and GameFi dashboard among many other features, outlined in their whitepaper here.

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) Price

The price of the League of Kingdoms (LOKA) will be determined after its launch on the Binance crypto exchange.

League of Kingdoms (LOKA) Price Prediction and Future Outlook

With the stellar rise of League of Kingdoms (LOKA) with daily active user growth to 80,000 in December 2021 to having global players in 210+ countries, the play-to-earn game has a huge potential to make it to the top in this industry.

In the gaming industry, everything relates to player retention. This is because there are thousands of games and players hopping from one game to another as they get bored easily. League of Kingdoms, however, boasts 7-Day retention of 35% which is a huge number in this arena.

Axie Infinity is currently leading the play-to-earn game rankings, with billions of sales in 2021. However, with the rapid pace that League of Kingdoms is advancing, it won’t be long before it breaks into the top 5 PvP games and maybe go past Axie Infinity as well.

The gameplay of League of Kingdoms is based on strategy, as explained above. This is a major reason why crypto gaming experts are excited about this project. Strategy games are popular both outside and inside the blockchain world. With millions of users playing strategy games worldwide, League of Kingdoms already has its target audience well-defined.

The commercial partnerships that League of Kingdoms (LOKA) has are quite impressive. Starting from Yield Guild Games, PathDAO, The SandBox, and many other big names, League of Kingdoms has already made headlines. And now partnering with Binance as their 26th project on the Binance Launchpad is the icing on the cake.

Due to all the reasons mentioned above, it is possible that the price of the LOKA token may reach $10 easily and it also has the potential to offset major gaming tokens like AXS, SKILL, and many others in the play-to-earn arena.

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