Onboard Your Project to the Self-Reporting Dashboard (SRD)

Onboard Your Project to the Self-Reporting Dashboard (SRD)

1 year ago

Gain access to CoinMarketCap’s SRD to have better control over the information you share on your project’s CoinMarketCap page.

Onboard Your Project to the Self-Reporting Dashboard (SRD)

Are you an official representative of your project listed on CoinMarketCap? If yes, do register for the "Self-Reporting Dashboard (SRD)".

Full information on SRD "here"
Apply for SRD "here"

The SRD would allow projects greater flexibility and control over the information that they share with the public. In this iteration, projects will be able to manage their (i) self-reported circulating supply and (ii) tags. The goal of (i) is to give projects a voice by allowing them to display their self-reported CS (alongside the CoinMarketCap-verified CS) on their CoinMarketCap page (irrespective of the methodology used) without any ranking implications.

Previously, the CS figure was derived solely from the CoinMarketCap's team's methodology and ability to verify the supply information. For (ii), users will be able to filter and discover projects according to their properties/category membership, which could facilitate discovery and spark interest in your project.

We will be fleshing out the functionality progressively over time to allow projects to submit changes to certain (non rank-sensitive) fields on the coin detail pages. In this iteration, you will be able to:

1. Edit your self-reported CS
2. Edit your self-reported tags
3. Edit your ICO/IDO details
4. Edit your token distribution details
5. Edit your logo, URLs, contract addresses, etc
6. More functionality is on the way!
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