How to Navigate the Metaverse for 'The Capital 2022' CoinMarketCap Conference

How to Navigate the Metaverse for 'The Capital 2022' CoinMarketCap Conference

1 year ago

A quick guide on how to navigate the metaverse for our upcoming online conference.

How to Navigate the Metaverse for 'The Capital 2022' CoinMarketCap Conference


Here's a quick guide on how to navigate the Metaverse for the "The Capital 2022" CoinMarketCap Conference.

The Capital 2022 Conference is approaching fast! As you know, CoinMarketCap will host the first-ever conference in the metaverse, so it is time for a quick guide on how to navigate it.

How to Onboard

The conference will take place in Gather. To use Gather, you need either Chrome or Firefox, as Safari has only limited support. This guide walks you through the most important points to onboard.

Setting Browser Permissions

After you entered Gather, you will see a pop-up asking for camera and microphone access permissions. Click Allow:

If you block the access to your camera or microphone, you will see a camera icon in the upper right of your site address bar with a red "x" to indicate that you have denied the site access. You can select this icon to change your preferences.

Select the option to allow Gather access to your camera. You may need to select the mic icon on your video preview to change permissions for the mic. Refresh the page for the changes to go into effect.

You can view or change your permissions at any time by selecting the lock icon to the left of the URL. Toggle the Camera and Microphone on. If you do not see Camera and Microphone, select Site settings.

If you select Site settings, Chrome's Settings open to the Security and Privacy tab. The base Gather URL should appear at the top of the page ( Set the Microphone and Camera to Allow.

Customizing Your Character

You will have your own character for the conference that you can customize at will.

After you picked your appearance, give your character a name.

When you're satisfied with your character and name, select Finish. The Check Your Hair screen (as we call it) displays a preview of your character and a preview of your video feed, with the input/output options for your camera, mic, and speakers. When you're ready to continue, select Join the Gathering.

You can change your name and character when you're in the Space. In the Navigation Bar, select your name. The Personal Menu opens. Select Change Character to open the Character Picker and change your character. To change your name, select Edit next to your name in your Personal Menu.

You can easily move through Gather on a keyboard using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. You can also navigate using your mouse by double-clicking on a spot on the Map to walk to it.

To find someone on the Map, you can view the Participants list, select a person's name, then choose Locate on Map or Follow. Locate on Map will display a dynamic line that will lead you to wherever the person is. Follow will automatically move you in the Space to the person and will attach you to them so they can lead you through the Space.

You can also right-click (or two-finger click) on anyone in the Space to open a context menu for that person. This menu lets you move to them, follow them, request to lead them, send them a message, or start a bubble. Messages will appear as private messages in the chat panel.

You can interact with elements by pressing X and end the interaction by pressing Esc.

When you enter, you can choose to navigate to one of the streaming rooms or go to Track 2.

There are also private rooms on the second floor for sponsors and the press.

You can also choose to sit down in one of the many private spaces for a chat with one of the other participants.

In the streaming rooms, you can take a seat and press X to start the fullscreen video.

For useful keyboard shortcuts, you can check out the Gather Navigation Guide.
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