CoinMarketCap: 2022 Year in Review
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CoinMarketCap: 2022 Year in Review

1 year ago

CoinMarketCap shares our website’s top highlights, innovations and products from all of 2022.

CoinMarketCap: 2022 Year in Review


As another year in crypto comes to an end, we at CoinMarketCap wanted to share our personal highlights from 2022 — what we built for ourselves, what we built for you, and how it all helps shine a brighter light on the cryptocurrency revolution.

CMC Community — A New Crypto-Native Social Network

CMC Community, a social hub for crypto discussions and a way for users to connect with and hear from crypto projects, launched in Q2 2022. Available to users as a standalone feed on web and app, and on every coin detail page, CMC Community has been used by communities to discuss events, opinion and trends in crypto.

* CMC’s first big foray into true personalization as we develop ranking heuristics and algorithms to show relevant content to users

* Developed a Confidence Score methodology to combat bots

* 100 official organizational accounts, over 1,800 project accounts, collectively over 15K of articles published.

CMC DexScan Launches

Dexscan is CMC’s deep dive into on-chain data, providing users access to hundreds of thousands of DEX pairs that aren’t listed on centralized exchanges.

* 37 networks supported, including Aptos

* Fully integrated into CMC’s main site, with DEX pairs discoverable through universal search, on Coin Detail pages, and via a dedicated pair list page

CMC Adds Proof-of-Reserves Data

CoinMarketCap is now showing crypto exchanges’ proof-of-reserves on our ranking pages. More and more cryptocurrency exchanges have begun revealing their proof-of-reserves in the wake of the recent industry disquiet, and we believe in the importance of giving CMC users all of the information possible about each exchange, project and token.

First CMC Metaverse Conference — The Capital: Time to Ship

Back in the spring, CMC held our first ever crypto conference in the metaverse. With over 6,000 virtual attendees, 22 panels, seven workshops and over 70 speakers, the event definitely made its mark in the metaverse — we even got written up in Yahoo! Finance and TechCrunch.

* Four fireside chats/keynote speakers: CZ, Paolo Ardoino, Samson Mow, Dan Held

* Conference livestream views: 8,550 hours

* Conference livestream viewers: 225,000

CMC Research Launches

CMC Research was established in 2022 to be an impactful research aggregator in crypto by partnering with the leading industry voices to share their insight from each part of the industry.

* Established 31 research partnerships

* Produced six collaboration state-of-the-market reports and 42 thematic column articles

* Publications featured across the industry with over 40+ global media coverage

* Created holiday advent calendar with over 20 thought-leaders

CMC Now in Arabic and Urdu

We’ve redesigned important parts of the website to enable right to left languages, with our first translations live in Arabic and Urdu, to better serve these communities.

That’s all for 2022 — we can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for crypto!

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