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A situation where there is a continuous upward movement in the price of a cryptocurrency. Often used in communities to question when a cryptocurrency will experience such a phenomenon, saying

What Does Moon Mean?

If ever you stumble into Crypto Twitter, “moon” is one of the most common terms you’ll encounter among bullish enthusiasts — usually accompanied by rocket emojis.

Since the very early days of Bitcoin, the moon has played a substantial role in conveying the sentiment that people have toward cryptocurrencies.

If a digital asset is “going to the moon,” this means that the person saying it believes that we are currently seeing — or are about to see — dramatic increases in price.

Unusually, “moon” can also end up being used as a verb in this setting. As such, it’s plausible that someone might say that their favorite altcoin is “mooning.”

Just like other terms of crypto parlance, it can be difficult to know the exact provenance of where a word came from. (That said, we do know that the world “HODL” arose from a rather amusing typo in a Bitcoin forum all the way back in 2013.)

It’s very possible that “moon” started to become a common phrase around 2017, which is when Bitcoin broke $20,000 for the very first time — a huge milestone in the cryptocurrency’s long and storied history.

Another common word that’s used in a similar way is “Lambo.” Unsurprisingly, this relates to Lamborghinis — and the phrase “when Lambo” is used to ask others when they believe a crypto investment will have appreciated enough in value to buy a supercar.

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