NGMI stands for "Not Gonna Make It," and is a slang that's become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency community.

What Does NGMI Mean?

NGMI stands for "Not Gonna Make It," and is a slang that's become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency community. 

At its core, NGMI is a dismissive and pessimistic expression used to convey doubt, skepticism, or a lack of confidence in something – whether it's a particular investment, a crypto project, or even someone's trading strategy.

The Origins of NGMI

While NGMI might seem like a purely crypto-centric term, its origins can actually be traced back to the fitness community on the infamous online forum, 4chan. More specifically, the "/fit/" board, which was dedicated to discussions around fitness.

On this board, "NGMI" was used as a way to criticize people who were perceived as not putting in enough effort or dedication towards their fitness goals. 

From Fitness to Finance: The Evolution of NGMI

As with many internet slang terms, NGMI eventually made its way out of the "/fit/" board and into other online communities, including the business-focused "/biz/" board on 4chan. It was here that the term started to gain traction in the world of finance and investing, including the infamous WallStreetBets subreddit.

The WallStreetBets GameStop squeeze in early 2021 played a significant role in popularizing NGMI among stock traders and crypto enthusiasts. As members from different online communities came together on WallStreetBets, memes, catchphrases, and internet culture – like NGMI – were introduced to a wider audience.

NGMI in Crypto 

In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, where making accurate predictions about price movements is not really a possibility, NGMI has found its home. 

When someone says "NGMI" in the context of crypto, they're essentially expressing their doubt that a particular crypto-related matter, such as a newly launched project or a specific investment strategy, will achieve remarkable growth or success.

For instance, if someone is overly bullish on a meme coin or an NFT project with an absurd idea, other crypto enthusiasts might respond with "NGMI" as a way to temper those expectations and inject a dose of skepticism.

The NGMI Meme Culture

Like many internet slang terms, NGMI has spawned its own meme culture, with crypto enthusiasts sharing and creating memes that illustrate the sentiment behind the phrase. These memes often depict scenarios where someone is making a poor investment decision or expressing an overly bearish or closed-minded view towards the crypto market.