REBASEgg launches early access to AR modelled WEB3 rewarding app
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REBASEgg launches early access to AR modelled WEB3 rewarding app

1 year ago

REBASEgg launches early access to AR modelled WEB3 rewarding app

Are you ready to take your exploration and hunting skills to the next level? Look no further than Rebase, the new decentralized web3 app that rewards you for travelling and hunting. Think of it as the Pokemon Go of web3. is an AR Adventure & Web3 lifestyle application that lets you explore, collect, and redeem exclusive digital rewards in real life. Navigate through a world of opportunities ready to be claimed every day. Whether it’s event tickets, merchandise, coupons, or anything else you could imagine, there will always be something for you to find.

Rebase’s core mechanism of geolocation technology essentially layers the virtual world over the real world. But what kind of rewards are we talking about? Rebase offers a variety of unique and valuable NFTs that you won't find anywhere else. These NFTs can represent anything from rare collectables to one-of-a-kind experiences. And because they're built on the blockchain, they're secure, transparent, and guaranteed to be authentic

In the first phase the application will only support the Solana blockchain network. In the following phases other blockchains will be added — Ethereum, BNB etc. Additionally, 3D and AR modules will be added to the EchoPath Layer/ + App.

Also the platform’s native token $IRL will serve in the Governance, Staking, Earning/Rewarding era.

The application has a huge potential to grow in the space, with its token launch nearing very soon so users can expect a decent airdrop/bounty rewards by using the app, for which they have to join their Discord server to get access to limited number of activation code. Compartively, it can compete with PokemonGo from web2 ecosystem and Sandbox/Axie Infinity from the web3 ecosystem.

It's easy to use, it's fun, and it rewards you for doing what you love. So why wait? Visit Rebase.ggand download the app today and start exploring the world of web3. Who knows what treasures you might find along the way! For any further queries or collaboration head-over to their Telegram: REBASEgg Telegram
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