Mike Kayamori

Mike Kayamori

Founder & CEO at Quoine and Liquid

Кто такой Mike Kayamori?

Mike Kayamori co-founded Quoine (Liquid) in 2014 with Mario Gomez Lozada. Mike brings over 22 years of experience in investments, business management, IT and venture capital across Japan, the United States, India and Southeast Asia. Prior to Quoine, Mike was a Senior Vice President at SoftBank Group, managing its Asia operations and investments with SingTel and Bharti Group. He was also the Chief Investment Officer of Gungho Asia, the creator of Puzzle and Dragons. Before SoftBank, Mike was a Senior Director at Globespan Capital Partners, a Palo Alto-based venture capital fund with over $1.2 billion USD under management. Mike holds a Bachelor of Law from the University of Tokyo and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


“Payments will need to be interoperable between fiat and cryptocurrency, and easy to send and receive across the globe.”  (As reported by Cointelegraph)

Picture source: Twitter Profile