Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb

Founder of Stellar Development Foundation

Кто такой Jed McCaleb?

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder and currently the Chief Architect at the Stellar Development Foundation. He believes in consciously leveraging technology to reduce inefficiency and improve the human condition. He created eDonkey, one of the largest file-sharing networks of its time, as well as Mt. Gox, the first bitcoin exchange. In 2011, McCaleb founded Ripple. Recognizing that the world’s financial infrastructure is broken and that too many people are left without resources, he cofounded Stellar in 2014. McCaleb leads technical development of Stellar, a universal financial network that aims to increase economic participation for all individuals. The Stellar network is supported by, a nonprofit that couples technology with digital financial literacy and contributes to open-source software. McCaleb is also an advisor to MIRI, which researches artificial intelligence for positive impact. In 2020, it was reported that he has sold more than 54 million XRP in 2020 and still has billions left to sell, he told Cointelegraph that McCaleb he has been selling his XRP “at a slow, steady rate” and has no desire to negatively impact the company. Also, price of XLM surges after the launch of Stellar's new protocol was positively received by the community in Nov 2020.


On news focusing on trading activities of his XRP wallet: “We’re all working towards making blockchain a viable, transformative industry. I think we can do that more effectively if we’re supportive of others in the space. For my part, I’m focused on growing the Stellar ecosystem.” (As reported by Cointelegraph)

Picture source: LinkedIn Profile