Bryan Bishop

Bryan Bishop

Software consultant; Cofounder & CTO at Avanti Financial Group

Кто такой Bryan Bishop?

Bryan Bishop is best known as a contributor to Bitcoin Core (the most popular bitcoin full node software) and has joined Caitlin Long's crypto bank Avanti in Mar 2020 to be the Chief Technology Officer of the group. Prior to this, In 2018, Bishop was a senior blockchain engineer and custody architect at LedgerX, the first Commodity Futures Trading Commission-regulated options exchange and clearinghouse for digital assets. He has also created Bitcoin Vaults, a pre-signed anti-theft recovery and drawback mechanism for bitcoin.

In 2020:
- Joined Avanti as the CTO of the group
- Rolled out a fork-free prototype of a Bitcoin vault for secure on-chain storage
- Avanti was approved as a crypto bank in Wyoming
- Avanti raised $5 million in funding from investors such as Morgan Creek Digital, Blockchain Capital, DCG, etc.

When speaking about Bitcoin codes being buried inside an Arctic mountain for archiving purposes, he added “In one sense, this is a fascinating section of financial history that we should preserve for future study,”

Picture source: LinkedIn Profile