Payal Patel Malhortra, автор

Payal Patel Malhortra

Payal Patel Malhortra, Developer Advocacy Lead at Cartesi

Об авторе

Payal Patel Malhorta has over 19 years of diverse professional experience amassed from various corners of the globe. She has had the privilege of working with an array of companies, ranging from well-established organizations to budding startups operating in diverse industries. Her operational roles have spanned across prestigious institutions such as the UK Government and The National Health Service, as well as numerous startups. This wide spectrum of roles held in different sectors has helped her amass a wealth of experience, honing her skills and providing her with a broad understanding of how to efficiently scale start-ups .Leveraging her years of diverse experience, she is currently focused on exploring and enhancing the developer journey for those venturing into the world of Cartesi together with a team of passionate individuals. The excitement around Web3 stems from its potential to redefine the digital landscape and Payal cannot wait to contribute to this.

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